BE ALMAÍ Professional Lightweight Hairdryer


The BE ALMAÍ Professional Lightweight Hairdryer is like no other hairdryer you have used before! Although incredibly light, it doesn’t sacrifice speed, efficiency or performance for size and weight. Includes 3 x nozzles specifically designed for various hair types.


  • With a motor speed of 110,000 rpm it is seven times faster than a standard hair dryer, and negative ion technology aids in drying hair quickly, reducing frizz and leaving hair silky, smooth and shiny.
  • It comes with Oxy Active technology which acts as an anti-bacterial at the same time as a sealant for hair cuticles – essential for shiny, healthy hair.
  • Equipped with an intelligent brushless motor and three speed levels for air outlet and four temperate levels along with cool shot technology.
  • This hair dryer is also much quieter than industry hair dryers, meaning it is quieter for both professional salon use as well as client’s daily home use.
  • Includes three different nozzle sizes designed to my specifications to suit the type of hair being dried – a larger nozzle for longer thicker hair, a smaller nozzle to suit shorter/finer hair and fringes, and one with an internal sloped nozzle. This angle allows a much simpler way to back blowdry for hairstylists in both a professional salon and home use. Standard industry hair dryers only come with one or two nozzles.
  • Created for the professional stylist, hair enthusiast and everyone in between, this luxury dryer takes hair styling to the next level!


  • Speed: 110,000 rpm
  • Weight: 300g
  • Voltage: 100-120V
  • Wattage: 1200W
  • Sound Level: 78db
  • Temperature range: 60-120 degrees Celsius
  • Automatic safety shut down
  • 3 x nozzle attachments
  • Length of power cord: 2.5m

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